Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling Addiction Treatment
If you suffer from compulsive gambling online casino Malaysia, you may be able to benefit from professional
treatment. A variety of methods are available, including counseling and medications.
You might also need therapy for underlying issues that contribute to your addiction,
such as depression or bipolar disorder. You should try to get help as soon as you
notice that your gambling is affecting your daily life.

Do You Have A Gambling Problem? | HealthyPlace
Like addictive substances, gambling causes a release of dopamine in the brain,
which is associated with pleasure and reward 1bet2u casino. But unlike substances, gambling is
usually a recreational activity that does not damage the body. Nevertheless, it can
cause serious problems in the lives of the person who is addicted and the people
around them. Addiction to gambling is often accompanied by feelings of shame and
guilt, and the person might isolate himself from family members. He or she might
spend days in internet cafes, concentrating on gaming until the point of exhaustion.
Treatment for pathological gambling is often similar to that for substance abuse, and
some of it is provided as a specialized track within alcoholism or other drug abuse
programs (Blume, 1986). Most treatment approaches are outpatient, though some
are inpatient and some involve group or individual counseling sessions. Some of
these approaches include the use of recovering gamblers as peer counselors, an
emphasis on Gamblers Anonymous and other 12-step meetings, and an educational
component that includes relapse prevention (Kruedelbach, personal communication
to the committee, 1998).

Addictive Gambling vs. Professional and Social Gambling
Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a common approach to treating gambling addiction.
This type of therapy focuses on changing unhealthy gambling behaviors and beliefs,
such as false assumptions or rationalizations. It can also teach you coping skills to
fight urges and solve financial, work, or relationship problems caused by your
gambling addiction.
A multimodal treatment approach that combines cognitive and behavioral
techniques was found to be the most effective in one study (Hudac, 1989). However,
only 8 percent of those assessed four years after treatment reported abstinence
from gambling. Other researchers have used a client-centered, family therapy
approach to treat gambling addiction. In these studies, clients were encouraged to
discuss their problems with family and friends.
You might also be able to find help in self-help groups such as Gamblers Anonymous.
These groups might be helpful if you can’t afford more intensive treatment. Many
health care professionals and mental health workers recommend these groups to
their patients. Other services you might need to address your gambling problem
include marriage, career and credit counseling, as well as therapy for any underlying
conditions that contributed to your problem, such as depression or anxiety. It’s
important to talk with a therapist about your problem gambling, but you should only
choose a therapist who has experience treating compulsive gamblers. You should
also look for a facility that offers inpatient and outpatient gambling addiction
treatment. A facility that has a large network of specialists can connect you with the
best resources. They can also refer you to other facilities in your area that offer
these services.

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